Kasabian cancel Custom House Square show due to Tom’s illness

Stadium rockers Kasabian cancelled their performance at CHSq Belfast minutes away before they were due on stage on Tuesday night, 22nd August 2017. Both support acts TOUTS and Blossoms both performed on the stage at Custom House Square with the audience waiting for their headliners, with Blossoms even declaring ‘Are you excited for Kasabian?’. However Kasabian never appeared on stage and instead a PA announcement informed the crowd that the show was cancelled due to a ‘last minute illness’ and tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled show. A tweet made by the official Kasabian Twitter account, on the night, read: … Continue reading Kasabian cancel Custom House Square show due to Tom’s illness

Review: Glen Hansard - Vicar Street

Review: Glen Hansard – Vicar Street, Dublin

One of the worst nights of rain that I can remember almost put paid to Monday night’s Glen Hansard gig in the legendary Vicar Street venue. On taking the stage Hansard explained that there was a real risk that the venue could lose power and that we’d all have to be evacuated.  Apparently an emergency meeting had been convened and he’d been asked whether or not he thought they should cancel the performance. His first response had been that that wasn’t really his department, but his second was that if at all possible, he really wanted to play for the assembled crowd.  Although he said he was sure he’d spend the night feeling constantly worried, the decision was taken to go ahead and for that I am thankful. This turned out to be a highlight of over twenty years of attending gigs – a stunningly memorable performance.

Review: Glen Hansard - Vicar Street

In a show that lasted not a kick in the arse off three hours it’d be difficult to comment on the full set list. In fact, I’m not so sure that’d be the way to approach a gig like this one anyway. The gorgeous poetry of Hansard’s lyrics, the power of his voice, the intense emotion of his performance and the love emanating from the crowd made the gig so much more than the sum of its parts.

He started though with “High Hope” from the 2012 Rhythm and Repose album. This was followed by Continue reading “Review: Glen Hansard – Vicar Street, Dublin”