03 Apr, Friday
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LIVE: 30 Seconds to Mars


From the lights went out, 30 Seconds to Mars take you on a whirlwind adventure to a place Jared Leto describes as: ‘Wonderland’

I wasn’t expecting much from the opening band You Me At Six, seeing them many times before and thinking they were better suited with smaller venues. But I was proved wrong – not only did they perform exceptionally well, they actually got the crowd well warmed up for the headliner. They interacted well with everyone making sure they were included and made people feel like ‘another member of the band’ as they lit the stage up using all the space they were given, not putting a note wrong anywhere. As they left the stage, the waiting began!

Jared Leto always finds a way to incorporate the theatrical side of things into the bands shows and the wait was finally over! The curtain that was hiding the stage dropped and behind it was a spectacular array of lights, LED screens and a podium in which Jared Leto was being lowered down from, singing “Birth” for the introduction. The screams deafened even the loudest conversation, and everybody was fixed on what was happening on the stage. A couple of songs later  into the set during “Search and Destroy”, they released huge balloons filled with confetti which had writing on it saying ‘We Love You Mars’ and ‘Help I’m trapped in a fortune cookie.’ – and just to add to the nostalgia of the balloons, more confetti shot out from cannons like rain falling from the sky.

The setlist included old favourites like ‘The Kill,’ ‘Kings and Queens’ and ‘Up in the Air’ which gave everyone the chance to sing a long if they haven’t had a chance to listen to the new album ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’. The crowd was jumping up and down whilst Jared Leto pulled fans up on stage and gave them a glimpse of what he sees all over the world. More confetti shot from cannons either side of the stage later on in the set, only this time it was a constant flow of thick white confetti that covered you like winter snow falling on the plains. This was like a Winter Wonderland of the imagination! Away from the music and adding to the theatrical side of things they incorporated two acrobats, which at intervals produced stunning performances that are worthy of a Cirque De Soliel show – using a plank of wood as a trampoline and somersaulting high in the air! Breathtaking stuff with ominous music that created the best scene for dangerous actions.

The calibre of talent coming to Northern Ireland is consistently improving and expanding into the different genres of music for everyone to enjoy, but 30 Seconds to Mars are a band I would highly recommend seeing – plus enjoy the show along with the music! Matt Halliday

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