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Beasto Blanco Lead Cooper’s 25th Celebrations

BB_2Beasto Blanco will play Belfast’s Voodoo on Fountain Street in an Irish Exclusive show next February 12th 2014 as part of a 25 Year celebration of ‘Trash’ by Alice Cooper with a special guest appearance from Alice’s daughter Calico Cooper. Tickets on sale Monday 23 December.

‘Trash’ spat out one of Coopers most infamous singles ‘Poison’ and ‘Bed of Nails’ following closely behind. Rock Radio NI DJs will kick things off with a set full of 80’s rock goodness and joining them for the evening is current members of Alice Cooper’s band Chuck Garric (bass), Glen Sobel (drums) and Alice’s daughter Calico Cooper. All three feature in Beasto Blanco along with Chris Latham (Paperback Hero) and Tiffany Lowe (Alice Cooper, Combichrist)

Beasto Blanco was formed in 2012 by vocalist Chuck Garric and guitarist Chris Latham. They set out to create a live, raw power, rock & roll band that would let them indulge their influences and imagery that shaped their collective musical background. Chuck Garric hails from the mountains of Lake Tahoe, California and Chris Latham from Anchorage, Alaska. Both moved to Los Angeles California with a guitar in one hand, the other gripping the stirring wheel.

To rear the sound out of the Beast, the band hired producer Tommy Henriksen. Right from the first roar of recording, Henriksen realized Beasto Blanco is a band that’s tapping into a truly unique rock sound. It was important for Beasto Blanco to stay true to their old school roots, with an innovative attitude and fresh technology – mix in the mind of Tommy Henriksen and Beasto Blanco is alive.

When the song “Breakdown” was written, the band needed a female voice to complete the sound in the studio. Chuck called on his long time friend Calico Cooper to get the vocal sound he needed.

After Cooper tracked “Breakdown”, Henriksen asked Calico to sing on “Live Fast Die Loud”. She was able match the vocal intensity of Chuck. The combination of the two makes for a pretty killer listen.

We all know the pocket has to be tight and the groove has to be…. well groovy, in the studio. Beasto Blanco brought in monster drummer Glen Sobel to handle the pocket, groove responsibility, and deliver he did.

Tickets for Beasto Blanco, priced £15 + b/f, go on sale Mon 23 December from & all usual outlets including DV8, Belfast.Meet & Greet Ticket upgrades will also be available soon which include a t-shirt, a copy of Beasto Blanco’s album ‘Live Fast Die Loud’ along with photo and autograph opportunities with all members including Calico Cooper. For further info visit or ‘BeastoBlanco’ on Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation

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