29 Feb, Saturday
5° C

Freak’s – With an Apostrophe

a2747152781_2The goal for any musician is to create a catchy song. One to reel the listeners in and this is exactly what Freak’s have done on “With an Apostrophe”. Opener, “Old Piano”, has a toe-tapping beginning and a perky chorus creating the need to listen on. “Yellow Brick Road’, although a little slower than the first, builds up when its time for the chorus to kick in and it almost resembles upbeat sensation The Magic Numbers. I’m somewhat dubious about “Blinking Morning Light”-  it just doesn’t quite have the same star quality feel as it’s predecessors. Although finisher, “Deconstructed”, repeats the feel-good tempo, completing the listing nicely concluding that with their catchy melodies Freak’s will not go unseen for long. Julie Millar,

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