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Kevin Downey – Influence an Audience PART 1

391314_398273600219725_656188092_nWith the new year knocking at the door, it’s the time that people start contemplating how to better themselves. New Year Resolutions. Do they join the gym to lose weight? Quit smoking? Finally start to pursue that dream job? The options are unlimited and some believe the objective is unachievable. Whilst it seems so hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to go for a run, or throw the last packet away, there is one man who is achieving the unachievable. And this isn’t a New Year’s Resolution. It is for the greater good. For everyone as well as himself. He goes by the name of Kevin Downey.

Some of you may be aware of him being a local music promoter behind the name of Influence an Audience. Some may remember Beyond Neon. Most would not have seen him in quite a long time. This is because Kevin Downey is on a mission to cycle around the world, raising money for Depaul Ireland, a charity who tackles homelessness North and South of the border in Ireland. He calls his journey – “Across the Border World Tour”.


“Buying my first bicycle secondhand from my friend Barnes, it became my primary form of transport. Summer arrived and I decided to cycle to Paris. Then from there to Nice via Barcelona with Barnes for the next 10 days.” The reason behind the sudden trip was simple. He didn’t have a job. “Moving to London after graduating in Graphic Design at University of Ulster was the perfect mix of exploring somewhere new and moving up the career ladder This wasn’t something that was a deterrent to him as he pursued further opportunities alone. “With still no word from a future employer, I continued to cycle east and through Eastern Europe, covering 3,000 miles in 60 days. It was tough, I had never travelled solo and I did so with no map or phone, it was an adventure in its purest form.”


After returning home to London, Kevin recorded an EP AT Conway Mill about his journey of endurance around Europe. Aptly named ‘Across the Border’. Most of his time was spent dreaming about the rest of the world thereafter, having to live through the 9-to-5 lifestyle. The Olympics was on television. The world was uniting. Taking inspiration, Kevin booked a boat for onward travel on the 13th August 2012. One day after the London Olympics finished.

Across the Border World Tour was set in motion.


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