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Kevin Downey – Influence an Audience – Part 2


After saying his farewells to his family at Belfast International Airport earlier in the day, Kevin’s last night was spent in his local London pub, enjoying a pint with a friend. With the scale of his adventure not truly set in, planning and preparation up until this point had been frantic enough.

One day later he was setting up camp on a roundabout in Dunkerque, France and Kevin recalls the surreal feeling. “It took a while for me to feel 100% comfortable wild camping. I couldn’t help but have horror stories relay in my head.”  Understandably so with Kevin never having travelled outside of Europe, apart from a family holiday, spent in comfort in the United States.  “But it soon became the norm. Now my tent is my home wherever I pitch up for the night.” Kevin describes how he couldn’t wait to experience the unknown. The foods. The cultures. But probably most importantly, leaving the comfort zone behind. Exploring. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

429956_412936492086769_1885501415_nBut plans are just that. A hope of proceedings that we would like to happen in an ideal world. However with all the good that comes, there is inevitably some downfalls as Kevin explains. “Shepherds attempted to rob me in Turkey.”  That’s one.  “The hostel in which I worked at in Malaysia was robbed along with my belongings.” That’s the second. “And I was [involuntarily] involved in a £7,000 black jack poker game scam with the Filipino mafia.” There’s a hat-trick. However he can count bad experiences without the help of a second hand. Fortunately, Kevin keeps a notebook filled with acts of kindness – including the collection of his stolen items from the hotel – to remember all the times he’s been given a helping hand along his journey.

429956_412936498753435_1637977997_n‘Across the Border’, the EP he recorded about his travel throughout Europe, acts as a gift to those who provide helping hands. The acts of kindness. Whenever possible, Kevin showcases this release through his performances in different countries along his way around the world. Somewhere someone around the earth may be listening to the EP right now, recalling the young Irish chap who had a flat tyre on the side of the road. It’s incredible. Influence your audience. Be part of the amazing adventure, it is available as a free download on

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