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Kevin Downey – Influence an Audience – Part 3

163363_453683988012019_1407634856_nEveryone has just celebrated Christmas. A time where family comes together and we all enjoy opening presents and each other’s company – usually in front of a warm blazing fire with a box of Quality Street too. But this was a stark contrast to what Kevin has experienced on his trip. Christmas 2012 was spent at sea alongside 20 Filipinos crewmates on board a cargo ship carrying bananas. This year, right now, Kevin is celebrating Christmas and the New Year in Mexico, sampling many of their finest beverages.

1456117_595013763879040_1523693739_nWhilst there, Mexico provided a highlight of his trip. “My most recent show in Guadalajara, Mexico went down a treat. With a huge projector I displayed videos from my YouTube Channel in between tracks. I also sang two songs in Spanish, finishing with everyone’s favourite ‘Necesito Saber’ [Need to Know].” Kevin’s recalls this as his finest show, with calls for an encore also frequently present when performing on his travels. This has encouraged Kevin to make plans to record an EP in Spanish for his new followers, especially since his onward travel in 2014 dominates in Spanish-speaking countries.

1471360_582478015132615_1877078610_nHis appreciation for good music has never been questioned. Having played in Beyond Neon on lead vocals and guitar, they used to storm the local music scene, sharing the stage with many local bands. Kevin’s quick to recommend his particular favourites such as The Blindies, Before Machines and Dutch Schultz. Of course some have unfortunately disbanded now but Kevin goes on to recommend a band he played with in Singapore called Hannahband – an Australian duo who played as their former self, Sweet Teeth.

1393737_580312708682479_1830217396_nWhen asked about a possible Beyond Neon reunion, “Alan [drummer] and I are still dear friends and joke about the idea of a reunion on my return. No doubt I’ll have penned an anthology by then with a few tracks needing a beat. But thats the problem – I don’t know when I will [be back]. I would love a homecoming gig, one were I’m backed by a huge projector to share videos of the road. I always imagine it to be in McHughs – I loved playing in the Basement.” His charity shows under Influence an Audience almost always were showcased in McHughs Basement, showcasing songwriters and open mic nights. The history began there.

941823_577993748914375_1021454796_nCurrently he is in Coatepec, Mexico and Kevin’s thoughts are strictly focused on the objective. “The aim is to raise £5,000 on behalf of Depaul Ireland – that’s the most important aspect of the tour. There is not a lot I can do at ground level and most people from locals to tourists are as financially strapped as I, and we look out for each other – sharing and exchanging company for what we have to offer.” 

Despite donations having been going slow lately, Kevin hopes for the future. “The idea is to encourage those who enjoy the blog or download the EP for free to donate to the charity… plus you never know who you might meet on the road.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin for taking his time to talk with us. We hope you have enjoyed reading this and have taken the time to download his free EP at: – If you can contribute in any way possible to Kevin’s cause, whether that be a monetary donation on his JustGiving page, or even by sending him a message of support, I’m sure he would appreciate it. Every little helps. Please show your support.

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