07 Aug, Friday
19° C

LCON – The Ballads Reimagined

a1555506361_2Consisting of delicate Duffy-like vocals, LCON’s “The Stirring Within” provides a gentle introduction to this experimental release, such like trying on every shoe to see what fits. “Come the Autumn” never really kicks off despite it’s beautiful chorus and tantalising vocals whereas ‘Oh How Love’ and “To Forget” provide the perfect insight into exactly what LCON are aiming for in this electronica 50’s-style music, with all the peaks and falls. Songs like “Haunted by the Light”  and “In Honour Of” provide glorious vocal combinations in some lovely arrangements whilst remaining mystifying and almost secretive. Despite the fact that this will never reach popular culture this year, I remain strangely intrigued.  Mark Dunn,

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