04 Jun, Thursday
10° C

Runabay – Self-Titled

There is a cool, back to basics thing happening in indie pop music. No hyper-produced antics; just to-the-point musicality and sophisticated lyrical harmonies. Runabay defines this trend to a tee. “Love Affair” comes at you like a coy smile. The first ballad-like notes draw you closer until a hairpin turn picks up the tempo and before you know it you’re grinning along in return.

“Cold Outside” feels cold and a bit sad; somewhere between a lament and a hymn. It’s a lovely “B-Side” option. “Secret Life” is the warm sunshine after the melancholy of Cold Outside. Playful and somehow familiar guitar riffs and pop hooks delivered alongside intricate vocals hit all the right notes, literally and figuratively. Thirty-seven seconds in and you just know this is ‘the one’. For 2014 I’d be keeping my eyes and ears on Runabay, they’ve the hallmarks of a break out band.  Noelle Ellis, 

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