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Runaway GO Christmas Show

1002006_10151700567481714_1547077544_nRunaway GO are – without doubt – one of Gigging Northern Ireland’s favourite bands. From their performance in the early days at Deadlights’ first EP launch at Auntie Annies in 2010, we first discovered the magic held within the five-piece. The ringing of ‘Kills the Enemy’ still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The evolution we have watched throughout the last three years has been nothing short of brilliant. But not surprising. If anything, I assumed success would come and I don’t expect them to stop now.

Formally known as Phoenix Fire – previously known as Kagura – the only thing they have found challenging seems to be have been their name. Runaway GO has now stuck but it didn’t come from within close quarters. “It was our very good friend Tony [BigBadLlama] who suggested Runaway GO”, frontman Dave explains. “It was one of those moments where we all looked round and thought “Yep, thats the name of our band”. It seems the rest is history but still part of the solid foundation that now is.

Radio sensations Bastille recently toured in Ireland following their UK tour and Runaway GO were chosen as the support act in shows north and south of the border. “The Dublin and Belfast shows were special – biggest audience in Dublin we have ever played too –  and we got to play our first show in the Ulster Hall. The Ulster Hall has always been that dream venue.” Now they can start building on their success to date. However with music venues around Belfast, there’s always one that springs to Dave’s mind as a favourite. “The Empire. It has such a magical vibe about it, and every time we have played there it has always been a great show!” When asked about favourite local bands, Dave quotes Northern Ireland big-times “Mojo Fury, More Than Conquerors and Rams Pocket Radio” however also makes a point of mentioning others such as Emerald Armada and new Lisburn-based band Loris, who recently were played on BBC Radio Ulster’s Across the Line.

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Runaway GO have also been known to feature in a number of great music videos and when pressed upon the reasons behind the videos, Dave describes that he “loves the planning of them! Whats the story gonna be? Or what are we trying to say?” And when squeezed for a favourite, “It has to be Jumpstart! Fee [Fiona, singer and guitarist] and I sat up most of the night planning the time loop and I got to drive her terrible [Nissan] Micra!” Going into 2014, Runaway GO have announced that they will also be releasing their debut album due out early next year, featuring new sounds and more tambourine skills. “We are currently in recording the album. Things are changing a bit; we are progressing with our sound and songs so can’t wait to show people our first record.”


Closer still, The Limelight 2 on Wednesday night for their Christmas show. “We are looking to create some memorable moments with some things we haven’t tried doing before. We want to end the year off with a bang! We are in the studio right now so we have a lot of steam to blow off so people need to get down and see it.“ Transmit’s show also features Dublin act Leaders of Men, Pretty Child Backfire and Go Swim. Doors open at 9pm with admission only five pounds. Don’t miss out.

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