01 Jun, Monday
22° C

Surfhouse – Self-Titled

avatars-000057413377-jyu2ix-t500x500After the first gut-punch notes, “Take it Back”, all instrumental, reads like the cinematic soundtrack to a glossy club scene. Or a car chase…maybe both. As for “I Want it Now” – this is difficult to define; however, ten bucks says these guys grew up listening to their parent’s psychedelic-rock records. Surfhouse is an apt name considering the surf guitar sounds of Dick Dale that can be heard here.

But then louder, darker, gloomier handful of notes and ghostly vocals stir things up until the happier high hat and tambourine bring it all back around again. Surfhouse offer a strange, dichotomy of sound like splicing Bauhaus and The Beach Boys together, and may still yet need to define the direction they intend. In the meantime, “Take it Back” is detined to appear on many a party playlist…or car chase movie – hard to say. Noelle Ellis,

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