26 May, Sunday
14° C

The Remedy – Different Class

remedyLike a hip new cocktail; part mod, part ska with a splash of punk… shaken, not stirred. The bright, spirited opening brass notes announce the cool kids just arrived at the party. In case there was any doubt, a drum roll highlights the first line of the song. Like a brick wall, I’m gonna break you down…”

It’s aggressive and dance-worthy at the same time; brings to mind the rumble scene in West Side Story. In the melody here’s a whole retro vibe happening, yet the lyrics and vocal give it it’s youthful modernity. You can definitely feel the influence of The Specials, but for my money the comparsion goes to retro house party music of the sixties; sounds like The Kinks, or The Thirteenth Floor Elevators; but with a horn section.

You’ll be wanting this on your playlist. Noelle Ellis,

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