19 Aug, Monday
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Hit the B Button – Blue Potion

Blue_Potion_CoverBlue Potion gets off to a flying start with upbeat melodies and funky riffs. This Breaking Bad themed track is based on dealing with addiction – perhaps it’s no surprise that it’s got such catchy hooks. Belfast’s Hit The B Button show great initiative in adding depth to Blue Potion through the use of harmonies and even a cow bell. While one give credit where credit is due, there are some aspects of Blue Potion that needs more work.

The duets don’t always seem to compliment each other and the harmonies are a little off in places. As a whole, there is a slightly messy feel to this track- but what could be expected from a band’s second song. If Blue Potion is dissected one can hear that it is well written and executed individually. Hit the B Button has all the workings of a great band with the potential to produce really unforgettable tunes. They just need to continue to progress and polish off their sound. Finola Doran,

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