06 Aug, Thursday
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LIVE: 65daysofstatic & Axis Of

651 652 653 axis1 axis2 axis3What’s the best way to end the week? One way, I’ve found, is to have a night of great, live music. That’s exactly what happened when going to see Axis Of and 65daysofstatic. The night started like any other this early in the year, cold, damp and dark, but once getting into Limelight 2 everything outside was forgotten and the only thing that everyone’s mind was when the music would begin. Within minutes of arriving I could already feel that the anticipation was crippling, the excitement, however, was immense that when Axis Of first came on the stage the crowd pushed to the front.

Axis Of immediately controlled the crowd and they then had their show, and what a show it was. They started fast and loud, the only way you would expect to begin the show, with a heavy metal sound that could be to everyone’s taste. Each song was strangely familiar which simply reverberated within you causing an instant like, if not love, of what you are hearing. This truly is a testament to the band itself and how quick you can become enthralled, no matter what they play. Axis Of were raw and energetic, and played with such vigour that they emanated a sense of pure ecstasy throughout the crowd. They are definitely worth the listen, especially live, as they bounce off one another with complete joy, which filters out into the crowd, making a night truly memorable. Setting a very high standard of the night, and when it came to their final song of the evening they left on a high note, Axis Of left the stage with the crowd cheering for more. And with the crowd raring to go, it was 65daysofstatic’s turn to mesmerise the audience.

Everyone was eager for 65daysofstatic’s arrival that the venue became silent when they appeared on stage, it was instantly recognisable as the marking of an amazing show. I was weary of the band as I’ve never heard them before, yet was surprised to find how easily I had succumbed to liking how they sounded. They were atmospheric within seconds, stunning the audience and captivating them for the remainder of the set. Their music is profound and gripping that no lyrics are needed, being completely instrumental they are free to take the music into any direction they want with their experimental electronic rock sound. Each song is so unique and distinguished that you can’t resist them, their supernatural and psychedelic sound is so compelling that you can’t turn away. As I said, I was surprised at how easy it was to like them, I was shocked even more to realise how much I had begun to love them. This is an act that must be listened to by anyone who is even remotely fond of music, regardless of what musical preference there is, as 65daysofstatic is more than capable of catering to every musical taste there is. As it has been several years since 65daysofstatic had been to Belfast, it is only regretted that I hadn’t heard of them sooner so that I could enjoy the show more than I had.

So, I ask again, what’s the best way to end a week? The answer definitely has to be by going to see some of the greatest acts available that you will follow for years to come. Joe Smyth – Sunday 19th January 2014 – Limelight 2, Belfast

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