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LIVE: A Northern Light, The Unprotected & more!

bo1 bo3 bo4 bo5 bo6 bo8 bo9 bo10This was the second show from Bearly Organised Promotions and they wanted to keep the momentum of their first show going by bringing along five great acts and a guest DJ to Voodoo for another successful set, and it’s more than safe to say that it was mission accomplished. The atmosphere was great and lively which lasted well into the night while each band performed fantastically in their distinctive style on stage. However, it was noticeable that some bands had maxed out on some of their levels, yet despite this drawback each band played their best resulting in a night of enjoyable music that the audience kept crowding around the stage, eagerly for more.

Upon the doors opening the guest DJ, BeeMickSee, was prompt to fill Voodoo with his own musical tastes that, no matter what genre you prefer, was always something you would appreciate. After each band he would have a list of tracks ready to compliment the vibe in the air before drifting into his own punk rap tastes before moving toward songs to build you up for the next act. Never failing to keep everyone attentive, BeeMickSee is a great DJ, far from the norm, to be thrilled by.

The first act of the night was Exit Pursued By Bear who had a mixed sound of an early Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Placebo, along with extended interludes that resemble some classics by Muse. They were a great start to the show and I’ll look forward to seeing them in the future as they progress to a tighter act. For their first time playing in Belfast they really pushed the bar high for themselves, which they should easily be able to replicate consistently for when they next return.

Next to the stage were The Big Grizzly and, with their stage presence alone, it was instantly known that we were all in for a great set. They powered through with a relentless display of their “Grizzly sound” which never ceased to amaze, and within seconds the crowd seemed to have doubled in size. Not knowing who to liken their unique sound to, all I can truly say is that they are easily recognised as being insanely brilliant with addictive songs that you will never forget. Listen to any of their songs and you’ll immediately understand, and never regret it.

The third band to take to the stage was Podracer, who melted the crowd with their aggressive sound. Clearly a trio that loves hard rock, they refused to stop and give anyone time to rest as they played fast and loud into the night. They have some songs you can lose yourself in as well as others you can head bang to, just as long as you can keep up with the pace. If heavy rock is your scene then this is a band you should take the time to listen to.

The Unprotected took the reins next with their 80s glam rock style and gave an unpredictable performance that must be seen to be believed. Rushing into the crowd they held nothing back and forced everyone to join in with them on their modern rendition of glam rock. Familiar to Velvet Revolver in sound and presence, The Unprotected are a lively act that tries to deliver as much unadulterated entertainment as humanly possible.

Last but not least the final act of the night, A Northern Light, livened up the crowd for the big finale and kept the momentum going throughout their entire set. Playing new material it’s obvious that they have a great career ahead of them that, if they remain consistent, is sure to span for many years to come. Listening, even briefly, to A Northern Light it is undoubtedly clear that this is more than just music to the band; it is their life and blood. With a clear sound that will instantly grab your attention and hold you until they want to release you, this is a band that must be seen, but make sure to do it soon before the queue grows too big.

Bearly Organised Promotions, despite the name, managed to pull together another great show, but as the saying goes, third time lucky. So, if you haven’t been to the first two and the next show is organised, you best make sure you are there as it will be guaranteed to contain some amazing times, great offers and, of course, fantastic music that will make for a very, very memorable night. Joe Smyth – Tuesday 21st January 2014 – Voodoo, Belfast

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