12 Dec, Thursday
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Mere Moths – You Grew Up

artworks-000067111646-a32cm1-t500x500Mere Moths is the nom de plume of 17 year old Patrick Wright from Dromore. In some ways its reached its titular adulthood and in others it still has a little way to go, but often charmingly so. Wright’s voice is powerful and strikingly mature. Fight Me is a minor song with a strong lyric delivered well with a Jack White-esque tremolo, concluding with a well played solo.

My Fear is like a cross between Fleetwood Mac and Bob Dylan. I found the vocals on this track a little patchy although they grew more confident as the song progressed. The EP concludes with a full band rock number which is a complete change of mood. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics strident. All in all a brave effort. Eve Williams,

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