11 Aug, Tuesday
17° C

Odibal – Rolling with the Times

artwork1Odibal’s “Rolling with the Times” represents a sort of Neo-Folk revival, if you will. In the way REM introduced the indie folk music to the world in the 80s, Odibal pays homage to that while staying true to their own roots with blithe addition to strings and whistle; and the fact that the vocalist sounds like Michael Stipe is a bonus in my book.

The vocals on “Together” and “Need You” certainly bring to mind the early days of REM, and Odibal shares that same authenticity. “Wonderful Life” featuring The Dandy Horses further illustrates the point. “Alone Again” is a particular favourite for its post break up, buck-yourself-up message and haunted melody complete with broody electric guitar solo.

Odibal’s easy musicianship underscores instrumental prowess and makes many of these tracks feel familiar. And getting back to the track “Need You”, that’s the money song. It’s poised and ready for radio play. Noelle Ellis,

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