26 May, Sunday
14° C

Kris D Marsden – Never Ending Loop

artworks-000069697768-c4ucix-t500x500When I hear the words ‘never ending loop’ it conjures up a few bad dance tracks I won’t name, but there are no cheesy loops involved in this EP, produced and exquisitely mixed by Mojo Fury’s Michael Mormecha.

The sound is like Johnny Cash playing guitar with Chris Martin of Coldplay on vocals, and occasionally Fleetwood Mac come along to jam. For example, the title track begins with an acoustic and vocal that sound like it’s going to be a traditional singer-songwriter number until electric guitar suddenly appears, but it’s so well mixed that it works.

I was also very impressed by the mix on the vocal harmonies on ‘Dull Refined’. The instrumentation both reflects the melancholy of the lyrics and balances it out, letting the strong melodies shine through. Eve Williams,

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