22 Jan, Friday
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LIVE: Nasa Assassin ALBUM LAUNCH – Empire Hall, Belfast

na1 na3 na6 na8 na9 na10Empire Hall played host to four great acts, all of whom had their own debuts, leading to an incredibly lively and mesmerising night of unique and, as ever, loud music. Sethway kicked the night off, debuting at the Empire followed by a stunning performance from Rocket Propelled Gorillas who, too, had their Empire debut. Soon to storm the stage was Escobar, with the debut of their new single, giving a solid performance that broke the audience into a frenzy, after which, NASA Assassin capitalised and raised the roof to debut the launch of their new album.


Sethway, being the first band up, had the tough task of warming up the crowd, and let it be said that they didn’t falter in doing so. Playing strong and catchy songs, they drew the crowd in from rain and cold, and kept them fixed. An entertaining and easy to listen to band of light and pop rock, they were a good start to the night. They sounded great and are likely to be a hit with the younger music lovers.


Rocket Propelled Gorillas took to the stage next and they not only maintained the same level of energy as Sethway, they changed it and took control of the stage. Bringing an element of class and sophistication to the stage that gave a perfect blend of Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath and even Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rocket Propelled Gorillas are a sure fire hit that will go on to take the live scene by storm, hopefully next time however they will have a longer set as this is a band that you can’t get enough of.


Escobar were third up and with an intro that warned of what actions to take during a nuclear emergency, it was known that this was going to be much more than a simple music set. With their unique electro-alternative style they unleashed a relentless, screaming frenzy. After some minor technical difficulties, they returned to give a non-stop, stellar performance that was applauded by the growing crowd that was pulled to the front of the stage. Promising to leave nothing but mayhem in their wake, Escobar are another band that will never disappoint or cease to amaze.


Last, but not least, Nasa Assassin held the reins on stage. With ‘Rocket Man’ as their intro it was hard to tell what they would be like, at least for someone who hadn’t heard them before. It won’t matter how many times you’ve seen them before, NASA Assassin will constantly surprise you with their elaborate stage presence and erratic and highly mixed style of metal intermingled with rap. In a class of their own, this is one insane act that can take you out of this world that you will not want to miss. Joe Smyth.


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