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LIVE: The Overtones – Ulster Hall, Belfast

Overtones newDoo-wop boy band The Overtones were welcomed back to Belfast with open arms on Wednesday 19th February at Ulster Hall. Specialising in covering a wide range of artists with faultless vocal harmonies, the five-piece  returned to Belfast following the release of their third album “Saturday Night at the Movies”.  

Opening act Si Cranstoun warmed the crowd up with enthusiastic performances of original music, a tremendous vocal range and encouragement of crowd participation and clapping throughout. Following his performance, anticipation amped and a contagious excited atmosphere filled the hall.

Expectations were more than met. Captivating from the beginning, The Overtones theatrical entrance to the 20th Century Fox theme set the precedent for the show.  Flawless melodies and harmonies were the order of the day, with exceptional use being made of each individual’s voice. Bass singer Lachie Chapman was particularly impressive, powerfully wielding his vocals like an instrument  and complementing Falsetto singer Darren Everest’s high notes beautifully.

Performing a  range of songs from their new album including “Shake a Tail Feather”, “Pretty Woman”, “Bare Necessities” and “Moon River”,  the band also executed crowd favourites such as “For the Longest Time”, “Keep Me Hanging On” and “Gambling Man” to rousing cheers and huge applause.

The Overtones were an exemplary model in showmanship with slickly synchronised dancing, co-ordinated moves and lots of story-telling and banter with the crowd. Stewards tried and failed to calm the mainly female and surprisingly rowdy audience who continuously got out of their seats to dance and sing along. At one point, the band came down amongst the audience whilst performing and the crowd went bananas. It was impossible not to get swept away in the excitement of it all and the infectious performances made for an immensely enjoyable evening. Concluding the show with a rousing rendition of “Do You Love Me”, The Overtones more than exceeded expectations and left the audience excitable and exulted. Una Mackle.

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