22 May, Wednesday
13° C

LIVE: Tera Melos & Blue Whale

bluewhale2 teramelos2 teramelos4 teramelos5There are few finer ways to begin the weekend than to go out and look for some great acts playing live. Not only will you get yourself in the mood for going out but, depending on the band, you may even stumble upon one of those rare nights that will stay with you for a lifetime. This night, for myself, will definitely stay with me, mainly because it will always be remembered as the night I went deaf, and enjoyed every second of it.

The two bands to take the stage were Blue Whale, a Northern Irish band, and the Californian/Texan Teras Melos, who complimented each other in sound and style perfectly. At first, the audience was near the back of the Sub Bar when Blue Whale had finished setting up, and with a quick “hello” and a simple hand gesture urging people forward. That seemingly huge gap between band and crowd was bridged within an instant, and it was clear why once Blue Whale started playing. They played fast and loud, the best way to begin any set, releasing a wall of sound that sent drinks scattering to the floor. Displaying such a keen enthusiasm that was visibly embraced by the crowd, they powered through their set at an apparent lightning speed. Heavily instrumental for the first segment and more lyrical for the second, this is a band that takes you by storm on a rollercoaster thrill ride with their experimental and erratic style. Teasing of new songs to be played in March with their next gig, this is a band that is both highly recommendable and highly enjoyable.

After the crowd had disbanded briefly while Tera Melos began setting up on stage, they returned in greater numbers, a testament to how much support this band has attained, especially for the first show of their first European tour. This Northern Californian trio is undoubtedly going to have a successful run on this tour based on their opening show alone. Resembling conflicting aspects of greats such as The Beatles, Primal Scream and even so far as Vangelis, Tera Melos were able to transfix everyone instantly and hold them for the duration of the show. Playing with such complicated ease they are a band that you will have to keep a close eye on as they will surely begin to gather larger and larger crowds, but do not worry, as no matter how far away you may stand, you will always be able to hear the Earth shattering roar from their amps when they plug in and play like hell, just make sure to hold onto your drinks however.

The night was a splendid masterpiece, Blue Whale and Tera Melos, had they played any longer than they had, could have torn the Sub Bar apart. The only drawback to the night was that time seemed to fly by, then again I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun, and that’s exactly what I had when listening to these two stellar performances. Joe Smyth.

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