26 May, Sunday
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LIVE: Screaming Eagles, Maverick & Baleful Creed

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At the beginning of Saturday night the rain was pounding down on top of the city that would typically insist upon you staying in for the night, and not even to consider venturing outdoors. There were some people, however, that had heard of a light at the end of the tunnel, which was that particular dreadful night. That light came in the form of a promise of a magnificent show at filled with great acts and great music all on one stage at Limelight. I’m going to spoil the surprise and say that that promise was fulfilled, a statement I’m certain that everyone else who attended would easily agree with.

Although there were four bands lined up to perform, only three could make it and it is a shame as Sinocence, I was told, was worth the trip alone. With that said however, for anyone brave enough to make their way down to Limelight were rewarded with a fantastic show. To kick things off Baleful Creed took centre stage and made an impressive start on the night. They sounded great with their rough vocals and clear, mellow rock sounds that you can lose yourself in. Despite playing the occasional heavy set, they are a band you can relax to as well as go crazy with, either way they were very enjoyable. Both very controlled in how they played and harmonious in how they performed, this is a band that knows how to play to any crowd, a great trait which will serve them well in getting the crowds fired up for every gig.

Now that the crowd was warmed up and drying off, the next to the stage was Maverick. They took me by surprise with their 80s styled introduction and, when on stage, I still wasn’t fully suspecting of what an amazing set that would ensue. With a clear influence from some of the greatest bands from the 80s; Guns n’ Roses, ZZ Top and stretching as far as Judas Priest, Maverick is a band that is certain to make an impact on the music scene. Regardless of how you view their style or sound, it is undeniable of how great a performance they deliver. Interacting and joking with the audience at every turn and getting as many people to sing along through the choruses, Maverick knows how to engage on every level. True showmen who are in their element on stage in front of a large crowd, Maverick is a fantastic sounding band that has catchy and memorable songs, look out for ‘Top Heavy’, which will more than satisfy your musical needs at any given time.

The crowd kept growing steadily throughout the night and when it came to Screaming Eagles’ turn to command the stage the audience was at its peak, packing out the venue. Not relenting from the goal of putting on a great show, Screaming Eagles came on with an astounding force. With their old school rock n’ roll anthems, they paved the way for a great ending to the night. Each song was better than the last, both in sound and participation from the crowd, who increasingly screamed along with the lyrics. Blending the sounds of some classic rock and roll bands, most audibly being Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, into a unique take of their own, Screaming Eagles are definitely a band that will go the distance for countless years, this was evident from the response from the crowd at the end of their set. The battle cry of the enthusiastic audience “one more tune” was met with the eager reply, “why not five?”. Immediately Screaming Eagle launched themselves into a perfect cover of ‘The Immigrant Song’ to finish the show, all because it was asked from them earlier within the crowd.


Each band had played as though they had a lifetime of experience behind them and it’s amazing to think that they all have a lifetime ahead to progress to a far superior level. With an instant desire to please the crowd, as well as to savour every moment for themselves, Baleful Creed, Maverick and Screaming Eagles are bands you will want to see equally in their own right. And they won’t fail to impress. Joe Smyth.


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