15 Jun, Saturday
11° C

Rory Nellis – The Moon

a3317555712_2Responsible for a quarter of Belfast-based Seven Summits, Rory Nellis breaks away with this solo release The Moon. Getting off to a great start with ‘One Good Reason’, a delicate mix of solemn guitar and peaceful piano before title track ‘The Moon’ simply haunts you beautifully. Rory’s ability to guide the listener throughout and just like a story you follow, led by the hand, with suspense gripping you.

Following this ‘Opposite Side’ is a mixture of genres, experimenting with different sounds to examine the results. ‘Bowled Over (Communication)’ is vocally intricate with harmonies and leaves the listener in a calm and satisfied state. With potential that he must be stumbling over, this release is not going to leave anyone feeling unfulfilled. Mark Dunn,


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