16 Jun, Sunday
11° C

Shoot the Preacher – Wasting Time EP

avatars-000040841567-lpx8w9-t500x500Their carrier single ‘Wasting Time’ has a strong melody supported well by a Muse-esque rock sound and distinctive vocal. Similarly ‘Don’t Make a Sound’ balances the loud guitars in a catchy melody you’d be happy to sing in the car, whereas Very Rough was almost Moody Blues in its vibe which I loved. If melody is the strong point, and it’s a considerable strong point, I’d say that the lyrics could be tweaked a bit. Lines like ‘waiting for tomorrow’s brand new day’ are aimed at that feel good factor but could do with being slightly less obvious. The band bio tells us they are ‘on a mission to give us something to believe in’ and you certainly get the idea they mean to impart something positive, they just need to be a bit clearer about what it is. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot from this band in the future. Eve Williams,

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