27 Jun, Thursday
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Sweet Taste Bow Out

945742_10151600429746014_1446526081_nLocal rock ‘n’ roll outfit Sweet Taste have announced they are to disband.

“It is with a heavy heart that we’re announcing the end of the Sweet Taste saga. The lads have gotten together, had a big scrap and are all mates again now, so we’re all the best of terms, but we all agree that now is the time to bring everything to an end. We’re currently in talks with local promoters about commitments we have here, but as of now, any commitments we have outside of N.I just can’t be fulfilled. We just don’t have the resources to do them. To everyone who was planning on seeing us, we humbly and sincerely apologise. We’ll announce all details as we get them.

There’s a number of reasons we’ve come to this decision. We all think we’ve matured a little in our tastes and we were getting a little bored of play that brand of “classic rawk.” We’ve tried over the past year to change our sound and to an extent, we’ve succeeded, but it seems that people’s perceptions of what we do are much harder to change. Doesn’t help that we’re still bouncing about in scarves and flares and all I guess…

We’ve also found it increasingly difficult to financially and logistically keep the ball rolling. A few of you well know that being in a rock band is a really, REALLY difficult thing to do. Everything costs an arm and a leg and it takes up so much of your time to do things right. Over the past few months, we’ve found it increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves and each other to get the week-in, week-out stuff done, never mind planning bigger projects.

There’s a running joke in our band that the Winter nearly does us in every year. It’s actually true. Winters are a tough time when you’re in an originals band. Gigging slows down, everyone is skint and you have to find it in yourself of drag your ass to practice after a 9 hour shift in the day job in the freezing wind and rain. Everyone drinks more and there is less sunlight. This winter has finally done us in. If we lived in a warmer country, we’d probably not be announcing this.

All in all we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved as a band. We really have no idea what we’re doing most of the time so it hasn’t been all bad. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have met such amazing friends along the way and to have played some great shows. We’ve done things that our 16 year old selves would have only dreamed of doing. We need to thank every single person who has stuck by us over this journey. We won’t start naming names for fear of leaving anyone out, but you all know who you are. Sweet Taste just wouldn’t have existed without the hard work and goodwill of die-hard supporters and friends.

We’re not going to go away! We remain keen supporters of local music and full-time party animals, even though you’re all shite and will never be as good as Pat Mc Manus. Celebrity interviews and being offensive on facebook is likely to remain a standard. Comedy material will return to normal service soon.

Peace thank thanks to all!

Sweet Taste xoxo” Taken from their Facebook, photo by Hannah Goodhall.

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