16 Nov, Saturday
4° C

Andrew Martin – The Lighthouse Sessions

a2077045939_10The first 1:30 of this EP had me hook, line, and sinker.

This is a fully realized compilation. From the album artwork straight onto the first track titled simply, Intro. The story continues with Down the River and Outside these Harbor Walls. Sparrow is the hopeful lamenting bridge between Harbor Walls and Safe in My Arms which is a stunning piece of artwork.

Buoyant strings float merrily and sometimes sorrowfully along full bodied guitar work. All the strings each bring their own significant layers. This seaside collection is not the sunny beachy sounds of Jack Johnson, though the voice is similar. It’s the broodier, more textural beaches of Ireland with a little bit of Damien Rice in the palate.

Trading the acoustic guitar for the piano in Safe in Your Arms is an inspired choice turning this into a lullaby to swoon to. It is
simply a lovely piece of music. My money is on Down the River for radio worthiness. But Safe in Your Arms is my personal favorite. Noelle Ellis,

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