20 May, Monday
14° C

Axecatcher – We Watch the Sun Burn

a0321759440_10We Watch the Sun Burn is an absolutely ferocious new release from Derry’s Axecatcher. It’s an aggressively high octane EP that really should be played as loud as physically possible. This is a hardcore band with a depth that makes their sound more palatable to those who may regard and stereotype the genre as nothing more than noise and incomprehensible screaming.

It’s refreshing to hear a hardcore vocalist who has such a gruff and powerful voice, deliver lyrics in such a coherent fashion. While heavy in sound, the melodic riffs and sheer speed in which they are played really demonstrate how skilled the band are; this is most evident toward the end of N.O.V.A. It’s really not enough to say that Axecatcher have potential. If they push themselves with the same drive and momentum of this E.P then there is no doubt that they will succeed. This is an extremely talented band with a bright future. Finola Doran,


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