20 Sep, Sunday
11° C

Blinding Lights – Self-Titled

avatars-000030484728-b597oo-t500x500The live sessions offer a solid soundscape with room for growth. My personal favourite track was ‘Confession’, the most chilled of the 5 tracks. It was like U2 at their best, only a shade heavier.

‘Take Me Out’ with its power chords and Fergal Sharkey-esque vocals was a great introduction to the band’s sound. ‘Big Red’ had a strong melody but the lyrics were a little crushed. ‘Outcast’ had the heaviest sound but also the most effective guitar hooks and a strong melody. ‘Elephant’ made good use of keys and had strong hooks in the guitar line and the melody.

Overall, an enjoyable collection. I hope to hear more of these guys in the future. Eve Williams,

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