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INTERVIEW: Heaven’s Basement

fire_escape__largeThe stages of success are often varied and frequently do not actually reach that final stage in genuine recognition. Some do not come close and some break the structure of success altogether by just being number one the very next week – usually by some sort of viral social media campaign. I personally believe the best, and most rewarding, way of reaching that success is through hard work and dedication and Heaven’s Basement know exactly what that means.

With a history of heavy touring schedules, Heaven’s Basement have exerted many back-to-back energetic live performances earning them fans up and down the country and indeed from country to country leading to some fantastic openings ahead of some of the world’s greatest rock and metal bands. Ahead of their Belfast show this March, we spoke to them all about playing with Bon Jovi, their debut album and their travels in Australia.

You’ve played alongside some great names like Papa Roach, Buckcherry and Bon Jovi. What’s it like to open a show filled with someone else’s fans? Is there any way you approach these shows?

We love opening for bands and our aim is to steal all their fans [laughs]! We’ve played some amazing tours around the world and every tour has its highlights and own story.

You played to an audience of around 50,000 with Bon Jovi, surely your biggest date to gig? What was that experience like?

Yeah, that was a great moment for us. It was our fifth ever show and we got invited to play after our music got into the right hands. We were cocky enough to ask their tour manager if we could double the length of our set time – which he allowed [laughs].

You’ve worked with multi-platinum selling producer Bob Marlette and more recently John Feldman, both with great experience. Is there anything in particular you’ve learnt whilst in the studio with them that you’ll never forget?

Working with John [Feldman] was great but we had a very clear vision of what we wanted to do. John was great to bounce ideas off and [he] added more energy to the sessions. He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to songs too – arrangements etcetera. We had a great working relationship even though it was fiery at times!

‘Filthy Empire’ was released in 2013. After your EPs, what was it like to finally sit down and record an album with an extensive touring schedule under your belts?

It was great – we always wanted to record an album when we felt ready but we’re all about touring – it’s what this band lives for.

Soundwave Festival 2014 – how did Australia treat you?

The passion for rock music [in Australia] is as good as anywhere in the world. The great thing about this festival is that all the bands travel and stay at the same hotels together – it’s become a really good hang out with everyone.

What’s your plans for later in the year?

More touring! A headline European tour when we return from Australia then we’re back to the U.S for the May rock festivals such as Rock on the Range.

Heaven’s Basement play Voodoo, Belfast on 20th March 2014. Tickets available:

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