05 Aug, Wednesday
17° C

LIVE: Heaven’s Basement, GOTK & The Dirty Youth – Voodoo, Belfast

DirtyYouth1 GOTK2Heaven's-Basement1Heaven's-Basement3Voodoo Bar is a relatively new venue in and around the city centre and has got some pretty big names playing here this evening. Dirty Youth, Glamour Of The Kill and Heaven’s Basement. All British rock bands and quite big upcoming names within rock.

Dirty Youth were the first band on this evening and the first thing that I thought was the band were very similiar to, yep, Paramore. Their female vocalist Danni Monroe has a fantastic voice, and mixed with heavy guitar riffs and songs like ‘Fight’, ‘Promises’ and ‘Requiem of The Drunk’ got everyone in the place warmed up perfectly for the remaining two bands.

Glamour Of The Kill were the next band up after Dirty Youth and instantly burst onto the stage with the opening song ‘Break’. Davey Richmond, lead vocalist and bass player, followed on from the first track by whipping the crowd into a frenzy by getting them moving around, and went straight into the second and third songs ‘Supremacy’ and ‘Second Chance’ respectively. As the set went on the band were enjoying themselves and dedicating a song to an audience member before doing a cover of Kiss’ Love Gun. After a few more songs they finished up their set and basked in the applause of the fans as they left the stage.

Summing up so far two powerful bands have played superbly with excellent riffs, great drumming and fantastic vocals which have set the mark for the headliners Heavens Basement to take the stage and finish a really strong line up of musical brilliance. As the Tour is called the Welcome Home Tour it was just quite fitting that Heavens Basement came on stage and started with their song ‘Welcome Home’.

This band never let up and seem to have an unbelievable amount of energy on stage and after a minute or two of talking went into ‘Can’t Let Go’ and their first single off Flithy Empire ‘Fire Fire’ as they played an entire set with the crowd firmly backing them and singing along. As the night drew to a close and the encores came, the band were joking about and ended up doing a cover of Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash then finished strong on their own song ‘Executioner’s Day’ to end a night of high octane adrenaline fuelled Rock N’ Roll.

I must admit I didn’t know what The Voodoo Lounge was like as a live music venue as this was my first time experiencing a concert there, but I must say it was a fantastic night and a very intimate venue that the bands and the crowd can come together and be up close and personal with each other. Matt Halliday,


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