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LIVE: Hornets, Axis Of, Small Hawk Orchestral & Captain Queer

601460_480410338669840_1474391614_nHornets were back in Belfast for a tour fundraiser on the 28th of April. Joined by Axis Of, Small Hawk Orchestral and Steven Toner [A.K.A Captain Queer] the location of the gig (which was revealed via email) was the Catalyst Arts Centre in the city centre. This venue allowed for an enjoyably chaotic affair which bands and audience fully participated in.

First up was Steven Toner/Captain Queer from “The Unprotected” who did a set on his own, combining his raucous voice with electronic riffs to great effect and making a good job of commanding the audience’s attention by himself.

Small Hawk Orchestral were next to take to the stage with their heavy and heavily infectious brand of alternative music. A surprise vocal feature from Richard Tweed added extra energy to the set however with their loud, hard vocals that were tempered with screaming, heavy guitar riffs, artful discordance, solid bass and hard rhythmic drumming, this band captured the audience’s attention from the get-go.

Next up were Axis Of who, as usual, played a wildly energetic set, with some newer material and old favourites, performing a particularly rousing version of “Lifehammer” which drove the crowd crazy. All three members were gloriously on form, and played up to their increasingly rowdy crowd who were dancing, cheering, singing, moshing and head-banging along to every tune.

Hornets took to the stage and the already raucous crowd became completely uncontrollable.  The heavy, hardcore set included the aptly titled “No Control” which features discordant guitar riffs , exceptionally powerful rapid beats from the drums, strong bass and powerful vocals, and  recently released “Stay Free” with its infectious intro and screamingly powerful  vocals. Throughout the set, the crowd moshed, shoved, head-banged, danced and kicked, while the band adapted to the chaos effortlessly. Singer Sib threw himself amongst the crowd, including them throughout the performance and thanking everyone for supporting the tour, while guitarist Andy was dynamic, shredding wildly while contorting his body, bassist Craig confidently showcased his skills and drummer Rick annihilated every song in the set.     Energetic, infectious, loud, heavy and raucous, Hornets are a force to be reckoned with.  Una Mackle,

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