26 May, Sunday
14° C

LIVE: The Jezabels – Limelight, Belfast

j1  j3 j4The Jezabels and Champs each took control of The Limelight with a rather harmonious and sombre set from both that drew the audience in close to the stage, transfixed by their cool and relaxed tunes. With distinct sounds, both were pitch-perfect and confident, exuding a compelling stage presence that no one could turn from. From start to finish, this was a set that was an undeniably gripping.

Champs were first to lead the way and, instantly, they had the crowd’s attention. They began with a very upbeat and electro sound, somewhat similar to Radiohead, before changing direction and unleashing a completely different and very folk like sound. Reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, they continued to play with an impressive, yet humble and modest, vigour that captivated the audience who, themselves, had serenaded Champs with a song of their own, cheers and claps to show their support.

It was time then for The Jezabels to try their hand at amazing the crowd, and they did just that. The crowd was fired up and ready, and already under the control of The Jezabels long before had begun with their very lively and balanced set with the vocals of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and the sound and rhythm of U2 at times. After a technical mishap mid-song however, The Jezabels proved to be expert performers, they never missed a beat and quickly kept the pace of the show by jamming until the problem was fixed. Being incredibly entertaining and engaging they warrant more than just a simple listen. If you can find their album then get it, as it’s not likely to stay for long.

All in all, the night was spellbinding, with both acts performing above and beyond what I had expected. With Champs releasing their debut album later in the month and The Jezabels who are getting ready to release their second album this year and touring relentlessly throughout also, these two bands are sure to be following a long path on a grand career, so why don’t you follow them on it? Joe Smyth,

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