17 Feb, Monday
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LIVE: Mojo Fury – 10th Birthday Show – Limelight, Belfast

mf1 mf2 mf3 mf4Kicking off the show was Two Glass Eyes who played an impressive set of tunes, with some intimate and slow moments transitioning into energetic and passionate pieces.  Lead singer Michael Donnelly’s voice carried very well and bass, guitar and drums were always in sync with each other, resulting in a tight performance. For final song “Cause to Rewind” illustrious trumpet player Rick Swann, whose trumpet playing melded beautifully with the tune, making for an epic finale to Two Glass Eye’s performance.

Next up was The Emerald Armada, who thoroughly impressed and engaged the audience.  With incredible harmonies throughout, an impressively large range of instruments being expertly played (including bodhran, tambourine, two acoustic guitars, a bass, cajón, and electric guitar) and an upbeat performance, The Emerald Armada had the subdued crowd suddenly dancing, clapping and dancing along.  A very artistically musical group, which draws semblances with Mumford and Sons, John Martyn and Counting Crows, The Emerald Armada were not afraid to showcase their musical ability throughout, resulting in a hugely impressive experience.

By the time Mojo Fury took to the stage, Limelight 2 was packed full of people, and the venue was buzzing with anticipation. Dressed all in white, Mojo Fury wowed from the beginning. Playing a fantastic set which included “Origami Bird”, “Deep Fish Tank” and “We Should Just Run Away”, the band effortlessly weaved electronic mixes with live playing to excellent effect. Notably humble, the band showed a lot of appreciation to their crowd throughout, noting how happy they were to be celebrating their 10 year anniversary and engaged in banter with the crowd. The show was also impressive visually with the band’s videos displayed behind them during each performance and colourful lights which bounced off the band’s white outfits. “The Difference Between” was the band’s choice for their mind-blowing finale. Passionate, thoroughly professional, and consistently fantastic, Mojo Fury’s ten year anniversary gig more than did justice to their decade together. Una Mackle,

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