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Trucker Diablo Announce Hiatus

1521507_10152167269229316_1961875221_nTrucker Diablo have today announced a hiatus.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to put the brakes on TRUCKER DIABLO for the foreseeable future. I had a sit down with my partner Cheryl yesterday who has been suffering with an illness that affects her mobility for some time now and has gradually been getting worse over the last few months, which has resulted in Cheryl and my son Caleb suffering from me commiting time to my duties in the band.  I have to prioritise Cheryl and Caleb over the band and that’s really the bottom line. I started, named and have wrote majoirty of the music in Trucker Diablo so its hard for me to let go, but for the sake of my family I have to. The decision has been made easier by Simon leaving to be honest and puts things in perspective when you have a family to support and a dream to fulfill, but sometimes fate rolls the dice and they cannot mutually exist. 

The music industry has always been an industry of ups and downs. There is so much cost and sacrifice to try and rise above the noise and leave a dent, I am just so proud that so many people liked the music. I remember sitting for the best part of six months writing Songs of Iron in my wee rock shed and after being really excited to get the album out, so many firsts, writing Drink Beer Destroy drunk and writing Maybe you’re the one and not considering it for the album,  supporting Foo Fighters, Black Stone Cherry, Dee Snider rockin out side of the stage at Download festival, Ricky Warwick for agreeing to be on on the 1st album and being a constant supporter of us and the band. Thanks to my partner Cheryl and son Caleb who have supported with me from the start to Simon, Glenn, Terry and their partners for their support . Also want to thank Darren Seaton and Baz for helping to guide the Big Truck, it was a blast and not to forget the Diamond Rock Club for being the epicentre of rock and support. To all our friends, promoters, fan and bands thank you all but getting on board the Big Truck. I am proud of what we acheived as a band. I like to think of a lot of the fans as friends and want to extend my gratitude for supporting me and the guys down the years. I’m sure Terry and Glenn will release their thoughts at some point too.

Songwriting is in my blood and in my heart and all I ever wanted to do was to make the best music that moves people in some kind of way. I will continue to write songs for myself and for others so its not completely the end, I may even release an album , who knows lol….Baby steps for now. So with a tear in my eye and hope in my heart I will say farewell but not goodbye. I know things are gonna be ok when my son  gives me a hug and says “Daddy does this mean we get to play more games together”. XOXO, Tom” Statement taken from

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