06 Aug, Thursday
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Deany Darko – Satirical Spa

1779724_765456806798526_340804365_nSatirical Spa by Deany Darko opens with Rude Boy, a quintessential ska theme delivered with gritty punk rock growl, and a hint of heavy metal. This is not your parent’s ska record. Instead of a traditional reggae influence and in lieu of a horn section, Spa features blinding guitar solos on most tracks and particularly Ode, and in the track Vodka and Tears a kick ass organ solo at the bridge to rival the great Ray Manzarek.

The satire in Satirical Spa is felt especially keenly in the track Psycho Ward; delivered by prophesying ska-punk guru in free verse poetry slam style that carries over into the song Take Some Heed. When he sings it, he makes you believe it. Just as you’ve gotten used to this bold new sound Tremendous Trevor illustrates another layer of vocal range and is a rather delightful surprise.

This compilation is a spectacular prism of sounds, each listen divulging another intricate layer. It’s familiar, yet fresh. The harsher edges team up well with the polished musicianship. Well done; simple as. Noelle Ellis,

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