01 Oct, Thursday
7° C

Don’t Shoot – Wonderkid

a1778903341_10The wistful instrumental of The Sound Of is a mini overture segueing with heartbeat drum into the second track, Panic. Panic, with its poetry meets alternative pop satisfies all weigh points to success carried by secure musicianship and vigorous vocals and is my bet for radio play.

The title track, Wonderkid teases the listener with those first few playful guitar riffs, then transmuting into quintessential indie rock melody. Evocative of neon-lit streets, Hollywood alters the mood into a contemplative late night drive. It’s also my personal favorite with lines like, “We built in in the night, destroyed in the morning. Natural disaster with no warning. This city never sleeps
and tonight its moving…”

Scarecrow is the eerie synthasized interlude to Rules which revisits the character scarecrow. There’s a folksier feel to this track, with honeyed backing vocals up until the bridge when it picks up tempo and returns to rocking it. Indie rock at its heart, The Wonderkid touches all necessary bases with heartfelt playing, reflective vocals, and steady, developed instrumentals; suggesting longevity for this band. Noelle Ellis,

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