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INTERVIEW: EofE – McBusted Support

smokeWith  two of the most famous pop bands in Busted and McFly joining forces to create one massive supergroup and the combination of a massive stadium tour involving hundreds of thousands of fans, McBusted had to find one act to sufficiently warm up the crowd before their arrival on stages throughout the United Kingdom. The act to put their name forward and be chosen from the bunch were East of Eden, better known as EofE.

We thought we’d get to know them a bit better before they stepped on stage in the Odyssey Arena, Belfast on May 31st and June 1st. Here’s what we talked about!

With the abundance of bands everywhere, sometimes the band name is actually the hardest thing to finalise. What’s the idea behind EofE? How did you settle on that?

We liked the band name East of Eden, but we were invisble on the web because of the film. There are also quite a few other bands using that name so we shortened it to EofE – so we could keep our awesome logo, and the fans chanted that anyway, so its all good!

You’re soon to embark on a massive tour alongside the reformed McBusted. Describe your feelings when you discovered the news.

We had hoped for it, but of course a lot of other acts were also in the running. We had just come back from a mini tour and our manager broke the news to us. It only took a few seconds to sink in, then there was so a lot of shouting and hugging. I don’t think any of us slept for three days, it still hasnt quite sunk in! There is a video of the moment he told us, but it’s a little X-rated…

To date, what’s been your high points and low points excluding the McBusted tour.

 High point would be playing the HRH AOR festival in North Wales. It was one of the biggest stage we have played on, the crowd were awesome the crew were amazing and it was an honor to be asked by Classic Rock magazine to play. It was challenge as it was a seasoned rock audience, but we think we did well.
The low point would be playing the Slade Rooms last year; we were trying to impress an important agent, and the whole show was a train wreck (our managers words).  Both of our amps played up, the drum kit kept moving, the volume levels were all over the place as the bass amp kept changing on its own. We haven’t played the Slade Rooms since, though we have a warm up for the McBusted tour there… the week before. Time to bury some ghosts!

What are your influences, both musically and personally, and who inspires you to continue developing?

Tom: Maroon 5 and John Mayer because Maroon 5 for getting me into music to start with, I love the melodies, lyrics and Adam Levine is my idol. I also like John Mayer for his guitar and songwriting skills (plus he also has an impressive dating record…)
Dan: Slash has had a massive effect on me, after hearing ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ I knew I wanted to be a lead guitarist. I have seen him live twice and he just mesmerizes me. Other influences are The Beatles, INXS and Avenged Sevenfold. I’m always looking for new influences most recently I have being studying Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) because of his songwriting and producing skills, plus his incredible melodies and harmonies.
Luke: Bruce Foxten from The Jam does it for me, influencing my playing and love of Bass. For stage presence I’d say Nikki Sixx and Duff McKagan as they are reknowned for intense shows and audience participation, though I promise not to spit blood on anyone!!
Nicky:  The Deftones and Karnivool, I love the Deftones because of the raw power of the band and Chinos haunting vocals. I was also lucky enough to meet the guitarist and the drummer, they were so cool, we chatted for a while and had a beer. I also love the musicality and arrangements of Karnivool, I find them interesting to listen to when im at home. It’s different, original and I like that. I’m always trying to stretch myself.

You have to describe your sound to a random group of people using three popular songs by other artists. What 3 songs would you choose to describe EofE?

 Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars because Tom has the same range as Jared Leto and their sound is anthem-ic rock. We believe we have the same sounds in our music and aspire to be like them – Tom also says he wouldn’t mind acting too.
Keep the Faith – Bon Jovi because we all the love Bon Jovi and our song arrangements are similar, a catchy chorus and great hooks. Keep the Faith is definitely Bon Jovi at their best.
She Builds Quick Machines – Velvet Revolver –  we chose this because of Dan’s Slash influence shows through in certain songs and we love Velvet Revolver’s riff driven songs. We try to incorporate that in our songs and we achieve it in some of our heavier songs. We have a new track which only our producer has heard and he thinks its epic guitar rock, we cant wait to record it.

We focus mainly on the Northern Ireland music scene. You’ll be travelling here to play in the Odyssey Arena. How does it feel to be soon spending weeks travelling and discovering new places?

 It’s exciting, we all love being on the road and seeing new places, we are really looking forward to hitting all the countries in the UK. We will be making time to make and meet new fans because we love talking to them in person and online. We run our social media ourselves, and love chatting. So get on EofEOfficial Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc, we are all over that. We’ve heard off of several bands we know that the Irish fans are awesome, so we are really looking forward to meeting you all.

 Now is your chance to sell yourselves to the 330,000+ people soon to be seeing on you on stage. What would you say ahead of your trip?

Get there early because we’re new, fresh and edgy. We will be delivering our awesome show, great music that’ll have you rocking and singing. You won’t want to miss it and you’ll have an opportunity to be one our fans in the early days, at the beginning of our journey.  As well as our own songs, we’re gonna hit you with a cheeky mash up that plays homage to 3 icons of music (no, sorry, we cant tell you, you’ll have to come along!!) 

EofE support McBusted when they play in Odyssey Arena, Belfast on May 31st/June 1st and Dublin’s O2 June 2nd.

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