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LIVE: Miles Kane – Limelight, Belfast

Miles_Kane_Shot06_686_2This young Liverpool man, the co-front man of The Last Shadow Puppets, former front man of The Rascals and mates with Alex Turner has come to Belfast to entertain his fans.  His debut solo album Colour of the Trap, was released on 9 May 2011 and reached no.11 in the UK charts, the follow-up, Don’t Forget Who You Are was released on 3 June 2013 reaching no.8.  His live band include Ben Parsons, Phil Anderson, Jay Sharrock (whose father is Chris Sharrock, former The La’s, Robbie Williams and Oasis (2008–2009) drummer, and the current drummer in Beady Eye) and George Moran.

Kane played to an almost packed out Limelight on a tour that is taking him to smaller venues and closer to his enthusiastic fans. People of all ages had gathered, squeezed up to the front, ready for a sweaty rocky, pumped up indie/rocknroll gig, the atmosphere was building as the warm up band from Dublin called Acrobat had ended and now everyone was awaiting the lights to dim down and Miles to enter the stage.

Miles took to the stage in the Limelight to a huge applause and chants of Miles Miles, with his arms in the air to raise the roar, a sharply dressed Miles Kane opened his set with his most notable and rockiest song, ‘Inhaler’. With the crowd bouncing up and down and singing along to not only the words but guitar riffs, the gig had got off to a flier and Miles was on top form with his band. This is a guy who’s loves being on tour, playing live and with a bag of hits that has the crowd bouncing up and down and chanting along to, it’s the perfect live gig experience.   Adding his own twist to his songs when playing live Miles belted put favourites from the first album such as Kingcrawler, First of My Kind and Rearrange, along with his new songs, Better Than That and You’re Gonna Get It, each song oozed rock n roll as a confident Miles rocked the Limelight.

The first single from his new album ‘Give Up’ was extended with Rolling Stones’ favourite Sympathy for the Devil added to the end of it, Miles kept belting out songs and the crowd kept the atmosphere alive by singing along, Miles smiled and joked with the crowd as he put all his energy into his set, this is a guy on top of his game. Switching from indie anthems to slow romantic ballads, Miles is a talented musican with a range of tunes in his locker and enough to please everyone. Fans were treated to songs from both albums.  Thinking the gig had ended when he played Come Closer, a song which was made for a live gig and massive sing along.  The crowd were chanting until Miles Kane came back onstage for his encore. Armed with an acoustic guitar he played the beautiful Colour of the Trap, before ending the night with the fans favourite from his new album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’, with massive guitar riffs, a song screaming rocknroll and with lot’s of la la la’s, the crowd was lost in the world of music as the Limelight was bouncing, Miles made sure this song was going to end the gig with a bang as he encouraged the crowd to sing parts of it on their own,  before he joined in and him and his band ended what was a fantastic gig and live music experience.

Miles Kane should be playing bigger venues than this but it gave his fans the chance to get close and intimate with one of the best live performers of the moment and they weren’t disappointed. This was a gig for people who live indie/rock n roll, who want an adrenaline rush and Miles gives this, a Miles Kane gig is a great night out. Miles Kane don’t leave it too long before your back in Belfast and if you don’t know who Miles Kane is, check out his albums. Brian Alcorn,

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