05 Dec, Saturday
7° C

LIVE: The Amazing Snakeheads – Voodoo, Belfast

as3To open the night were The Holy Innocents, who had such a groove to them. They have been together for years and by the standard they were performing to warranted that groove. Even though there wasn’t that big of a crowd just yet, they still played like there was a full house in the Voodoo Bar, Belfast on this April night. I could easily imagine their songs being on a TV show like True Blood – their solid Rock and Roll vibe, it’s something you could definitely hear on the radio. You don’t need to know this band to see them, you will be tapping your feet along in no time.

As for The Amazing Snakeheads, a rowdy rock and roll/blues band from Glasgow who were full of high energy all the way through their set – I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t know what to expect. They definitely do not look how they sound, and that is one of the best things about this band. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

They took the stage in some pretty impressive outfits. They were like Mafia met Rock. I like how unexpected and versatile they are, going from dirty electric rock into a smooth sultry saxophone filled song. They had everyone captivated. It was the perfect combination and it complimented so well.

During their set Dale, their frontman and guitarist, took to the floor to join the crowd challenging them to get more involved.  The more they got into the music, the crowd was growing and becoming more and more enthusiastic. Everyone was rowled up by the sensual yet raspy sounds this Scottish band were making. The highlight for me? They begun building up the intensity of the music, and then all of a sudden there was a moment of explosion between them all, together – as one. You could tell how passionate they are when they can connect just like brothers. I would recommend to see these guys live, it’s a set you won’t forget! Trust me. Stacey McGuigan,

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