22 Jan, Friday
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Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

paolo-nutini-caustic-love-album-artPaolo Nutini is finally back with his eagerly awaited third studio album, ‘Caustic Love’, and it’s not a moment too soon, as I’m sure you have all missed his whiskey hardened voice just as much as I have blasting through the radio, and who knows…with Paolo playing so many dates around the rest of Ireland, the chances are he will be here playing to us soon, be it at Belsonic or a stand-alone gig, the betting man would be smart to put money on Paolo gracing one of our stages sooner rather than later.

The sounds of ‘Caustic Love’ casts us to dreams of sunny days, happy times and grooving in the sun to a multitude of libido infested songs that could easily become anyone’s sound of the summer this year. His bluesy funk hymn to a dream girl, ‘scream (funk my life up)’ kicks the album off with a groove injected soulful extravaganza, and if you can resist the urge to hit replay on this opener, trust me you will be rewarded. Iron sky is a track filled with emotion, advertising Paolo’s social-conscious soul, showing his existentialist desires for us to ‘rise over love, over hate’ and ‘over fear’ into ‘freedom’, accompanied with more lyrics well beyond his years. Haunting echoes of tremolo guitars, soothing bass, stuttering strings and a sample of Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech from ‘The Great Dictator’, this song is truly one of the crowning jewels of what is all together a must buy album.

‘Cherry Blossom’ is another major retro funk track with deep dark stormy bass lines and a vocal performance that impressively stretches the vast talent of Paolo to the edge, as throughout it builds up to a rock hard stimulating finish throwing a wave of  psychedelic guitar solos our way  in a prolonged outro. ‘Caustic Love’ could well becoming one of the most defining albums of Paolo Nutini’s career, as after going into musical exile since the realise of ‘Sunny Side Up’, he is back with a seemingly more mature sound, defined by his passion for charm filled soulful music that will be another guaranteed huge success for the young man from Scotland. Niall Donnelly,

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