22 Jul, Monday
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LIVE: Dutch Schultz, PigsAsPeople, Bellos

dutch1 dutch3 dutch5 dutch6 dutch9 dutch10In the past few years places which cater to live original rock music has become scant on the ground.

With Laverys no longer catering to live bands, and the closing of Auntie Annies; this has led to the ability of good original musicians to ply their trade difficult to say the least. Fountain Street’s, Voodoo, however, has begun to take up the slack in a big way and it now the venue of choice from the burgeoning band to mid-size acts. Shizznigh Promotions held a gig there on Friday night was another occasion were the paying public can get their fill of good live sheering rock music and go home feeling all the better for it.

Kicking things off were Bellos, a 3 piece of blistering raw intensity which is also both honed and belligerent in their attempt to rip our faces off. Like an early Nirvana, each song starts with singer and bassist Luke, lulling you into a sense of comfort, then unleashing a guttural scream which it duly backed up by Aiden tearing guitars and Mike’s pounding drumming.

Next on the bill are Pigs as People, who seemingly have taken Bellos challenge, accepted it, and tore it a complete new one. Continuing in the same post grunge waters which Bellos swim, Pigs are in the murky parts of these waters, with riffs of pure sludge. Kicking off with Rooks, with simple intelligent riffage, and caustic screams, they pound their way through their set, particular highlights being their penultimate song Foundling, followed up by an impromptu rendition of Kiss’s Detroit Rock City.

Headliners Dutch Schultz are quite simply magnificent. They have been writing amazing songs now for years, and have honed them to near bloody perfection. Willie and the lads tear through a set which is pack with one classic after another. Riff heavy, yet with melody and huge choruses that can only make this particular reviewer smile and nod in appreciation. From It Bends in the Middle to Big Dime, each one would sit at the top of any other bands repertoire, yet Dutch seem to have them in abundance. Magnificent.

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