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LIVE: The Strypes & Southern

  south3 strypes1 strypes2 strypes4 strypes5Kavan natives The Strypes arrived at The Limelight on Thursday night amid a whirlwind of hype.

They’ve been all over the world recently, appearing on American television and promoting their debut album, Snapshot, across the globe. Now it was our chance to see them in action.

The four members of the band may only have the combined age of one of the Rolling Stones, but their album proved they are no strangers to a catchy hook, if, at times, their lyrics live a little to be desired (“this little piggy ate a pizza”).

The venue was certainly approaching capacity, and was a real mix of ages, something which the band can be proud of. However, though the crowd on the whole lapped up the tunes and certainly got into the spirit of the evening, this reviewer was left feeling a little disappointed.

There is no doubting the band’s technical ability. The bass player and drummer dispatched anything put in front of them with ease, but it is fair to say that they are peripheral figures, and that the band’s singer and lead guitarist will be the ones that hog the attention.

The guitarist, in particular, is technically incredible. He is a pleasure to watch, gifted, and was the one member of the band hoping to build an atmosphere and interact with the crowd.

Unfortunately, the lead man didn’t spend any time getting to know the crowd. He stood, bearing it mind we were inside on a Belfast Thursday night, with sunglasses on the whole time, twirling his microphone around like Elvis did so many years ago, keeping broodingly silent. It may be the America effect taking hold of him, much like it has Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, but for me it didn’t help the band connect with the crowd.

The Strypes may be on the verge of becoming huge. I hope for their sake that they are, they’re young lads enjoying what they are doing and for that I raise my hat to them. My only concern at the moment is that they aren’t quite as good as they think they are just yet. Dan Williams,

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