21 Oct, Wednesday
11° C

Serotonin – Gestures

avatars-000071674940-ilxu44-t500x500Whoever thinks girls can’t rock it need to hear the voice on this EP; vocally a combination of Siouxie Sioux and Lorde on hyper drive. Gestures conveys the edgy tenderness of grunge and indie rock. There is a surprising maturity to the musicianship considering the eldest member of this band is but 18.

Rock bands with a female vocalist tend to dip into the pop music spectrum. Not so with this band, they are firmly ensconced in the alternative rock milieu. Cleanse Me is a rocker chick anthem belted out with a gritty confidence and backed by trusted bass, guitar, and drum.

Cold Coffee slows things down a bit relying of the tried and true three chord formula. This is my bet for radio play worthiness. It’s simply a great tune. Daytime TV is unexpectedly subtle comparatively speaking; a proper B side to the edgier precedent set. Idle Hands reminds me of coffee house beat poetry up until an impressive guitar solo and triple time drum riffs break it up at the bridge. There must be something in the water in Northern Ireland to produce such determined, legitimate talent.

Serotonin is yet another example of this wealth of talent. Noelle Ellis,

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