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The Stereotypes – Hold On

avatars-000078063135-myhny7-t500x500Nothing can be more difficult of a task than creating a band, releasing music and making your mark in the music scene, it’s a world filled with cut throat animals each scratching their way at record labels doors hoping that one day they will create a hole big enough to crawl through and taste the liberating musical feast of wide scale recognition on the other side. One band that has braved this daunting task is a group of young, highly motivated and talented individuals under the name of The Stereotypes. The band hail from the city of Newry, made up of five members – Cathal Dixon, Ciaran McManus, Emily McGleenon, Calam Toner and Raymond Murphy, creating impressive indie rock songs that call upon the bands talents to morph together unyielding vocal performances that always impress, strong bass lines and all together tight rhythmic sounds that create an addictive freshness to the band’s songs.

Their latest song released, titled ‘Hold On’, is a perfect example of the great minds at work within this upcoming band, as the song instantly grips the listener in a firm grasp until the very end, showcasing a very prominent vocal performance from Emily McGleenon throughout the entire song. The song is the classic indie ballad, that successfully brings together heartfelt keyboard, brilliant reverb filled guitar flicks and a soothing solid acoustic guitar to prop the song up whilst being kept firmly on track with a soft drum beat and firm bass lines that I guarantee will have you the listener falling for this song more and more with every moment that passes.

I was able to catch up with the bands lead guitar player Ciaran McManus to further get a feel for this band, so that I and you the reader could begin to learn more about them, from this short interview I got a real feel for how much the music means to the band as a whole, after asking what inspires them, rather than the usual answers that begin to list off bands that they may listen to, I was confronted with the refreshing answer of ‘what inspires us would be the enjoyment of playing music’, furthermore I discovered that the bands previous EP release that featured three original tracks and two covers had ‘raised just over £200’, all of which was then donated to Cancer Research UK.

As a whole this band are clearly not just making great songs, but are in this for the long run, in this for all the right reasons and from what I’ve gathered and heard of them so far, will surely begin making their mark on the Northern Ireland music scene in the months to come once they begin gigging again in the summer, and I for one will be looking out for the earliest opportunity to experience this band live, advising that you do also, as I’m sure they would put on a great night of music for us all to enjoy. Niall Donnelly,

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