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VITAL: The Killers – Battle Born

20120911180610!The_Killers_-_Battle_BornThe Killers are coming back to Northern Ireland; back with new haircuts (or lack of), new leather jackets, bigger and better blinding lights and a new(ish) album to play to our eager ears, ‘Battle Born’. So what can we expect from the four piece at Tennants Vital with this newest album blasting towards us off the stage? In short, the album is absolutely brilliant, but let’s not leave it at that, as that would make for a very short, boring and pointless article, so let’s talk about why the tracks of Battle Born will really set the Belfast crowd alight with excitement and adrenaline fuelled highs that will leave us all lucky enough to be there with ears ringing and voices well and truly lost.

Perhaps the song most people are already very familiar with is ‘Runaways’, track number 3 on the album, this song defines the typical Killers sound in the best way possible, the epic sounding verses accompanied with the military drum beats building up to an even more epic chorus that encourages us to sing along. If you ask me this song will be a guaranteed to have the crowd jumping like rag dolls while singing to the chorus (no matter if they know the lyrics or not), half filled beer cups being thrown from the crowd to cool those down at the front and overall a few minutes that may end up one of the highlights of the night, alongside the classics such as Mr Brightside.

The ‘Battle Born’ songs automatically send out a sort of nostalgic, charm filled, postcard images of the neon lights of Las Vegas, hopeless desperation of the doomed lovers, hard time heroes and the hopeful young hearts that are interested in nothing else but buying the ticket and taking the ride. The album gives us great tracks such as Miss Atomic Bomb, Be Still and Battle Born, songs that offer the air punching head banging, jump up and down sing along feelings while also providing the love ballads to give us an excuse to get the lighters out and hold them high to create a great cliché moment when us the audience can become part of the show and provide some great photo opportunities for the photographers there.

As an overall conclusion, this album packs a serious punch, with songs that could fuel a car empty on petrol for a few more miles if you were to turn the radio up loud enough, its painfully obvious that their set at Tennants Vital will be worth every wrecked pair of shoes, ripped t shirt, tired set of legs, pair of ringing ears, mangled throats, and every penny spent on the ticket. Niall Donnelly,

The Killers play Tennents Vital on 21st August alongside Bastille at Boucher Road Playing Fields, Belfast. Tickets on sale now priced £49.50 + booking fee.

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