29 Nov, Sunday
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Cormac O Caoimh – The Moon Loses Its Memory

a0389498240_10This weaving, concept album is simply amazing.  My initial thoughts as I played the first track ‘Maze of your Heart’ were that it was incredibly mellow and chilled.  In about two thirds of the way into the song, a female vocalist chimes in providing backing vocals, adding an entire new dimension to the song and creates a slight melancholic tone.

This melancholic tone is continued throughout the album as we appear to be following a continuous story as opposed to each song being individual.  However, there is also an uplifting and chilled atmosphere created by the singer.  The entire album is just kept simple with the acoustic guitar being the most prominent instrument that we hear. In “Thirst and Water” Cormac’s solo guitar pieces really give the song the feeling that we are not just listening to his songs, we are experiencing his story, practically standing by his side watching the story unfold.

I found that the lyrics became much more important than the music itself in some places as they were nearly like poetry.  He sings about real life, real experience and real human struggles in which we can all relate to.   Nearly every song title is cleverly named as a contrast to one another, for example the final track is called “Similes and Metaphors”.  The first lyrical part of the song is entirely made up of none other than a series of similes and metaphors whilst slowly fading out with no sense of closure.  I think that Cormac attempted to create an album that is not just something to listen to in the car; but a piece of art.  We follow his story throughout and we are left asking questions as the music beautifully fades into a silence.  Chantelle Frampton,

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