13 Aug, Thursday
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LIVE: Bury Tomorrow – Oh Yeah, Belfast

541879_10151896490246208_1881557809_nTo start off this warm Saturday night – We Collide – and I must say that the venue was already pretty freaking full for an opening band but they didn’t give into the pressure. Instead this made them play harder.

It certainly hyped up the crowd as there were already people moshing and head-banging in sync with their metalcore breakdowns. Even if everybody didn’t know who they were, they do now. They caught the attention of the whole crowd by interacting with them during their songs – the more they gave to the crowd, the more the crowd gave back to them with continuous jumping, clapping and involvement. A favourite for the people was ‘Peacekeeper’ and as the song began they made sure that everyone had their hands in the air. Their set ended with high intensity- a mosh and the lead singer Ricky jumping into the crowd. Lets just say this made everyone pretty toasty for whats to come next.

Bury Tomorrow are a 5 piece Metal band from England, who know how to put on a show- it reminds me why I love live music so much. With the opening band finished, the crowd was anticipating the band’s presence. You could tell that everyone was real excited for these boys to come on and once they got a glimpse of the band coming to the stage the crowd immediately responded by screaming – showing their loyalty. This show was full of moshes (and running moshes), incredibly high jumping, all sorts of dancing and the wall of death. The passion and stage presence that this band give is incredible- connecting as one.

They also have wonderful beards and hair to make sure they get that windmill down right. They were so involved with the crowd that they sang their songs back to them louder and louder as each song was played. Their singer Dan sang in peoples faces. And they loved every moment of it. They didn’t let anyone just stand at the back, they made sure the whole place got involved in this metal show. The growls that came out of this guy- wow, I seriously wasn’t expecting. This show was just complete carnage with people headbanging to the sweet sounding of the riffs and breakdowns during  ‘Man on Fire’ and ‘Of Glory’.

For their first time playing Belfast, they definitely gave an amazing performance by wanting everyone to have a good time. You could feel the heat radiating from the running moshes. The rasps, growls and soft singing though were sounding so good. The band requested a “Big ass circle pit” and they got exactly what they asked for.  I’ve never seen a pit so big in a place so tiny. The venue was packed out and the heat was running through everyone. There was continuous chanting from the crowd.

Suddenly the band set everybody a challenge. You then just see a venue full of people on each others shoulders. If you weren’t there you missed one hell of a dirty, sweaty metal show. I haven’t seen such a crazy performance in such a long time. The crowd even held Dan up as he jumped in the crowd giving all he’s got to the performance as the final song was drawing near.

Everyone was so happy- singing and holding eachother. You couldn’t help but smile and have a good time. They were called for an encore to which they sang ‘Lion Heart’. The show finished on a massive high, with people crowdsurfing and giving all that they’ve got. No wonder they have the following that they do, it’s well freaking deserved. Stacey McGuigan,

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