26 May, Tuesday
14° C

LIVE: DARE, Crash, Worldsend – Limelight, Belfast

d1   d4  d6 d7Tonight was a gig of epic proportions in what could only be described as straight in your face classic Rock N’ Roll at The Limelight.

Worldsend graced us on the stage first this evening. The band are local from in and around Belfast and have been in and around the music scene. Featuring within numerous local bands through the years, it was clear to see that this band have talent. When the vocals and the music came together for songs like ‘One Last Wish’ and ‘Inconspicuous Others’  I instantly thought of another classic rock act by the name of Marillion. Everything was perfect and it was a great band to warm up the crowd for the other two bands after them.

Crash were the second band onstage tonight and blew me away instantly with great energy and drive that produced a powerful sound that had me hooked till the end of their set. From the male/female double singing on the single ‘Rock Angel’ to the rhythmic guitar on ‘Hold Your Breath’ you can understand why they are building up a considerable fan base in both Ireland and United Kingdom. This band is truly one to watch for the future.

Finally we come to a band that have been around for years and have Darren Wharton, formerly of Thin Lizzy, making a transition from keyboardplayer to frontman of the band, and that bands name is Dare. They burst onto the stage instantly with ‘Sea of Roses’ combining the effects of keyboard with melodic guitar playing that was almost hypnotic and transcendent.

Everyone pitched in on the vocals throughout the songs and it was quite a big set list which had songs from all different albums like Stormwind, Wings of Fire and Emerald but what made the night extra special was that Darren himself dedicated a song to the late Phil Lynott called ‘King of Spades’.

Of course all the songs throughout the night were played which such heart and soul until the very end which seen the whole band thank the audience and made for a magnificent night. Matt Halliday,

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