24 Nov, Tuesday
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LIVE: Hands Like Houses – Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast

hlh2 hlh3 hlh5 hlh6The opening five-piece for this May Saturday night was We Collide. They certainly warmed the crowd up with their alternative metal breakdowns/riffs. The crowd easily fell in  love with it making it a great start to the night. For an opening band the crowd were already rushing in and the band responded with a impressive set that had the crowd dancing/jumping along with them – even if they didn’t know who they were. They definitely have energy that you must keep up with in order to feel the vibe that they are giving – but the crowd had no problem in doing so. From the performance that night, you could tell this band have certainly been together for a while and if you are into heavy riffs and breakdowns, I would recommend giving this band a listen.

Hands like Houses are an Australian experimental rock six-piece with quite an interesting fashion sense. Once the music started the crowd and band were so enthusiastic all the way through the set. The breakdowns within songs were a favourite for the people matching their passion and stage presence. Through each song, the crowd passionately sang along and I can definitely see why they have such a big following.

You really don’t need to know this band to see them. They will make such an impression on you that you will continue to listen to their music, even if you didn’t before. During their set, you never knew what to expect. Their songs could go from soft lyrical singing from the vocalist, Trenton, to a heavy breakdown. The energy was so high all the way through the set, especially during ‘Watchmaker’ and the more they gave to the crowd, the more the crowd gave back to them.

As each song played, they got louder and louder, building up the intensity. Even during their slower songs,  they still managed to have their high energy vibe to it, with the crowd singing along. Big sounds & big things from them at every corner. It’s hard to find a fault in their performance as typically, and you can feel that, they are enjoying every moment. They loved interacting with the crowd, therefore making them sing and respond louder. Did I mention the pretty impressive facial hair and outfits that they were rocking?

As the last song approached, everybody had their fists in the air and made the most of the final songs, as the double kicks of the drums were sounding especially tasty. They wanted to end the tour on a high and that’s exactly what they did- achievement unlocked. There wasn’t one person in the room disengaged with the final song. Stacey McGuigan,

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