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LIVE: Kasabian – Nerve Centre, Derry

224407_10150249962847045_2562228_nIndie rockers Kasabian played their final Irish date after already having rocked Cork, Limerick and Galway. Next up was the Maiden City’s turn to get loose.

With new album 48:13 out on the 9th June and new single ‘Eez-eh’ now getting airplay on the radio, the hype and excitement for the gig and new album was building.

600 people squeezed into the Nerve Centre in Derry for what would be one of if not the best gigs this city has ever seen. With Kasabian set to headline Glastonbury and Spanish rock festival Benicassim the warm up shows in Ireland and the UK was a chance for the band to play their new songs live.

The band came out to massive cheers and loud sirens playing with the new album title lighting up the stage backed with a fantastic light set that would look well at a dance gig. Kicking of their set with a track from the new album called Bumblebee, the tone was set for the night. With Tom and Serge urging the crowd to go mental this song was perfect to get the crowd noised up and Bumblebee is the perfect song to be played live at gigs as a mosh pit was created and the party had started. This was followed by anthem after anthem and next up was Shoot The Runner, every word was sang back at the band as the Nerve Centre was bouncing, sweat was lashing and Kasabian were treating their fans to an unforgettable gig and experience. Underdog and Fast Fuse from The West Rider Pauper Lunatic album followed and again the atmosphere, noise and chaos from the crowd was nonstop.

Days are Forgotten from their last album Velociraptor calmed things down a little bit, but there was no time for things slowing down at this gig and the crowd was ready for more up tempo banging indie rock-n-roll anthems. Next up was new single Eez-eh, with Serge bouncing about the stage and the crowd dancing to this brilliant new song, with an electronic sound and brilliant dance beat and even an a hint of a rap, non Kasabian fans would find it hard not to dance along to this track.

Switching between songs from all their four albums and introducing another new song ‘Stevie’,  Kasabian were sounding amazing, a band that are one of the best live bands in Britain were treating their fans here to an unforgettable experience, a band who sound better live than on albums. Kasabian have there critics but with an army of adoring fans, tunes to back them up and Serge and Tom leading them, they’ll continue to march on to success and bigger things.

The best was still to come as the band ended the gig with two of their most famous songs and crowd pleasers. Vlad The Impaler was first up, as Serge urged the crowd to get loose, he wasn’t to be let down as inside the Nerve centre 600 fans soaked in sweat, lager and hyped up by rock n roll anthems were going absolutely mental as Serge slowed the song down to make sure everyone in the Nerve Centre was ready to Get Loose and he wasn’t dissapointed. Finally and sadly the night came to an end as LSF was about to be belted out, just before this Fatboy Slims ‘Praise You’ was covered by the band briefly as they kicked into LSF.

This was an unforgettable and historic gig for Londonderry and the Nerve Centre, the band rocked, the crowd danced, bounced and sang along to every tune. Even the roof dripped and walls were soaked. I’m sure we won’t see such an intimate gig in the country with Kasabian again and those lucky to attend will be talking about this gig for a long long time. As we left the gig to go home LSF was being sung by everyone as they headed outside and this continued onto the street until Serge and Tom from the band looked out the windows to greet the fans. The buzz and atmosphere from this gig wasn’t going to disappear quickly as the band had the crowd on a high all night and the fans were not ready for a comedown just yet.

Kasabian fans in the Nerve Centre, we came,we saw, we danced and we all got loose. Brian Alcorn,

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